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Looking for a Chimney Sweep in Bath?
Bath isn’t just a good place to live – in fact, it’s a great place to live. And there’s nothing better than sitting down by the roaring fire and doing something relaxing and fun with the family. But the arrival of Winter means that the heart of all heat can get a little overused… which is when it’s time to call in a Bath chimney sweep to give it its treatment. But how easy is it to find one?
Searching high and low?
Many people think that professional chimney sweeps in Bath are a dying breed… but it’s actually quite the contrary. Finding a Bath chimney sweep is relatively easy… it’s finding the good ones that makes it more difficult.
When you begin your search, make sure you don’t rely on price alone as a deciding factor – of course, it’s easy to be drawn to the very cheapest, but if they don’t do an adequate job then there’s no point hiring them in the first place.
Keep quality – and therefore safety – as a priority, and then look at price.

How to check the quality of a potential chimney sweep
Let’s start with the basics, and the most fundamental skills you’d expect from a chimney sweep in Bath:

Comfortable with heights. This might sound silly, but if the chimney sweep you’re thinking of enlisting has difficulty getting to grips with high places, he or she just might not be the person for the job!

Experienced. Experience cleaning chimneys is very important of course, and at the very least they should offer a track record of experience with manual labour – sweeping chimneys is a physically demanding job.

Fully equipped. Sweeping chimneys requires a lot of equipment – more than just a brush. Make sure your chimney sweep has everything they need to do a thorough job.

Of course, the real quality chimney sweeps available in Bath will not only have these basic qualities, but should tick some of the following too:

Accredited member of a professional body?

Membership with organisations such as the Institute of Chimney Sweeps (ICS). National Association of Chimney Sweeps (NACS) and Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps will help demonstrate that the person you are considering has displayed their competence well enough to receive recognition for it.

Track record of positive feedback. Does your chimney sweep have a website? If they do, can you find comments from other customers? If you can’t, don’t worry – but make sure you can’t find any bad press.

Further services. It’s always nice to know that your Bath chimney sweep can offer more than just a clean chimney. Do they offer other chimney-related services such as the removal of obstructions and chimney pot instalment/removal?