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Prices – £45 for a standard 2 story open fire, lined wood/multifuel burner. Price includes smoke draw test.

Other prices on request for taller properties / inglenooks / unlined wood/multi fuel stoves. In most cases it’s £45 anyway.

Discounts available for multiple sweeps in the same property or if you book a nieghbour on the same day.

How Much Should You Pay for a Bath Chimney Sweep?
The chimney’s dirty but money’s tight… can you afford to get it cleaned? If you’re not sure what a good price to pay for a chimney sweep in Bath is, then you might want to read on. And who knows, the answer might surprise you…
You get what you pay for
The first thing to remember with any service is that you generally get what you pay for. Although it is possible to get a great service for a low price, usually you’ll find that the better the reputation of the sweep, the higher the price will be. So is it worth paying the extra for a professional Bath chimney sweep?
If you get your chimney serviced at the lowest possible cost, you might find you save yourself a few quid… but you might also find that the chimney needs attention much sooner than usual, and that in the long run you’re actually losing money.
How much should I expect to pay
People report paying a huge range of prices for chimney sweeps in Bath, but as a general guide you could be looking at between £40 and £75 per chimney.
Of course, this is a huge range and it might leave you wondering how to choose your sweep, but if you focus first on quality and then on price, you’ll get the best job done.
Save money with your Bath chimney sweep
So, maybe we don’t all have fifty quid to spare per chimney per quarter (or however often you have your chimney swept)… but here are a few tips on how to save money with your chimney sweep in Bath:

Trim the extras. Some chimney sweeps offer a little extra. Some of these extra services are necessary for the safety of your home – such as smoke testing. But it’s worth asking your chimney sweep what the price includes.

Buy in bulk. If you have more than one chimney, you can usually save money by getting your chimneys cleaned by the same person/company on the same day. Most chimney sweeps in Bath will be happy for the extra work and pleased that they don’t go from one job to the next, so are more than likely willing to offer you a cheaper rate on your second chimney, your third, and maybe even your first

Check how often it’s needed. Your chimney sweep will know based on the current state of your chimney how often you need it cleaning. Ask how often the recommendation would be, and compare it to how often you’re having it swept – maybe you’re hiring a chimney sweep every 3 months when really you only need one every 6!