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We offer a full gamut of chimney related services. From a full sweep through to fitting of pots and liners through to fitting fireplaces and wood burning stoves.

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Here are some details on possible services you may require.

Chimney Sweep Services Expanding in Bath
For anybody who thinks that chimney sweep services in Bath are diminishing, think again: Bath has seen a resurgence in people going back to wood and coal for heating due to high gas prices, and with plenty of good old-fashioned chimneys often needing more than just a good old-fashioned sweep, Bath residents will be happy to know that a chimney sweep offers more than just a brush and a dirty face.
What can be bought from a chimney sweep?
As well as being a wizard with the brush and giving your chimney a good clean, the best chimney sweeps in Bath might also be able to offer you the following:

Basic Chimney Maintenance. This could include a number of services, as chimney sweeps often learn other manual labour skills that are related to the trade. Your chimney sweep may also be able to offer chimney pot repointing, chimney pot installation and gutter maintenance

Pest Control. Chimneys are ideal hidey holes that can shelter a variety of animals from the harsh cold weather outside… that is, until you light the fire! In Bath, many chimney sweeps offer pest control services which include removing birds nesting in your chimney or even moles, voles and wasps

Unblocking Services. It’s not just burglars who can get stuck in your chimney, it’s objects like branches, dead animals and debris too! The last thing you want is something stuck in your chimney that stops you lighting the fire or that poses a safety risk. A good Bath chimney sweep should be able to give your chimney a full de-block

Draft Control. Ever felt a draft that you just don’t know the source of? Sometimes chimneys can be a tough culprit to tame, but a good chimney sweep will be able to identify the source of the draft and patch it up so that it is no longer a problem

Are all these extras usually expensive?
Everything comes at a cost, but the good thing about hiring a chimney sweep is you can usually get everything done in just one or two visits. If you think you’re going to need more than just a regular sweep, it’s worth noting down the different services you might require, then giving your chimney sweep a call to check that firstly, these services are offered and secondly, if they can all be done during the same visit.
Of course, some services take longer and might require more than one… but if you find a true professional chimney sweep, your home in Bath will become much more enjoyable to live in once your chimney is at the peak of its health.

Chimney Sweeping

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Smoke Sound Tests

Fitting Chimney Pots

Cleaning / Restoring Fireplaces / Stoves

Stove Installations

Removing Birds Nests

Fitting Liners and Flues

Repairing Chimney Stacks